Monday, March 21, 2011

More Turned In

Yay! Today I turned in the last our our paperwork! Now we can start our home visits from our social worker. So, what's left? We have to get all our references back, medical paperwork, background checks back, and fingerprints done. I also have to finish our family profile. I had to do some changing to it, due to the fact that it was the wrong size to print on normal 8.5x11 paper, but I only have 2-3 pages left to do and that will be all done! Feeling good to have the paperwork all done!! So excited as we get closer to holding our baby girl!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

First Big Step

Today I turned in a huge chunk of our paper work along with our first big payment. Now I need to get our references out and back, get our doctors forms filled out, get our fingerprints done, get our background checks back, get our family profile done, and a little more paper work........Then we can apply for grants and birth mothers can start looking at our family profile to chose us!! I'm so excited!! I'm so ready to be done with all this paper work and stuff! I long for the day when I will be holding my baby girl that the Lord gives us!!