Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Heard from the Lawyer! Oh my Heart!

I hear my phone ring and see the caller id give a California number! Anxiously and nervously I answer the phone and am greatly relieved to hear the amazing lawyer's assistance's voice. I have fallen in love with her! She is so super sweet and relate-able and am so grateful for her! She tells me that they finally heard back from the donors attorney and that the donors wanted to make a few changes of the contract we sent....

1.) They don't want there to be ANY form of communication or contact possible. Initially the contract said that either family could contact the clinic and that the clinic would contact the other family. A safe way, and gives either side the option of saying no, but they don't even want that as an option! My heart sunk!!! I'm sure they have their reasons, and I respect that, but my heart breaks for these babies! When they get older and wonder why, or who, or wish they could get to know their genetic sibling! We knew going the anonymous way would be harder, but it was nice thinking we had the possibility of hope to give them! But, that's okay, because we know God wanted us to go this route to give them the LOVE they so deserve and we WILL!

2.) We are not allowed to donate to a third party, if we don't use all the embryos, then we have to destroy them! WHAT?!?!?! My GOD have MERCY!!! We plan to give the chance of life to each one of them, but what if, heaven for bid, something happens to me during one of the pregnancies, to where I can't have anymore children?! I COULD NOT destroy them, so the LORD has to keep my body safe for THEM!!! However, if necessary we could use a surrogate. Thankful we have that as an option, all though I pray we never have to go that route!

Beyond this gut wrenching news is at least a LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! We will sign off on the final copy (tonight hopefully) and then they have to sign and return and they will be OURS!!! Hopefully by early next week!!!! THEN WE CAN SET AN FET DATE!!!!!

    1.) That the donor couple will not be lackadaisical in getting it signed and returned!
    2.) Finances
    3.) To give me wisdom in setting up all the details for the trip to LA for the FET. I need to find someone that can go with me, because I will be drugged up and unable to drive and will have to be on bed-rest for a few days before returning home. Also, to find good flights, hotel, ect....


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stubborn Body! WARNING TMI

So I have been on birth control for several weeks now (all active pills), but my body is revolting! I started to spot yesterday and then bleed lightly. I e-mailed the nurse who said to take 2 pills for 3 days and then go back to one and let her know if it doesn't work. Well, I continued to lightly bleed all day yesterday and woke up to some decent bleeding today and despite having all the hormones in my body AF is pushing through even with cramps :(   I e-mailed the nurse first thing this morning and she said to stop taking it and start back up in 5 days. This was pretty heartbreaking! I was worried it would set me back! I'm trying to just rest in knowing that God's timing is perfect and even if it's not mine, it WILL be GOOD! We could still do a December FET but.....

we still have not heard back from the donor's attorney!! It has been 3 WEEKS!!! We know the donors have reviewed it with their attorney last week, but still haven't heard back!! All these "show stoppers" are killing me! It also doesn't help to get more bills! Blood work that my insurance didn't cover, and the initial consult with Dr Kumar. It's hard seeming to get set backs and bills with out good news to go with it! I really would like to get the legal work set so we can just set a FET date! Give me something to look forward to, and so I can start the planning process of getting plane tickets, a place to stay, childcare, ect....

Please pray for things to get rolling and to be able to set an FET date! And of course for finances! We have been very blessed so far, but still need quite a bit!! Thank you all for you support and prayers, they are so GREATLY appreciated!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Still waiting.....

The contract is at the donors attorney and we are still waiting to hear back from them so we can finalize everything and so I can set an FET date. It is "killing" me, but I guess I need to grow in patients a little more. In the mean time, I'm trying to enjoy being on vacation visiting family in Pa/Ny! It's a little hard feeling pulled in different directions (fun family/embryo adoption) but at the same time I'm thankful for the distraction!!! My attorney said hopefully we will have more info early this week! So stay tuned.... Please keep us in your prayers. Pray for peace, finances, and all the ins and outs of the process to go smooth!! for our family against the enemy who is not happy with us!! Thank you all who have supported us this far in every way!!!!