Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family Profile

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Family Profile, a set on Flickr.

Here is our family profile for our adoption. This is what the birth mother will look at while choosing a family. We still need $512 to get home study approved!! Check out how you can help on the right of the blog!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Close!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need $527 dollars to complete our home study and print our Family Profile. Today I had my one-on-one with the social worker and it went well. We are only waiting on one reference now! I plan to compete the family profile this week. Next Thursday Paul has his one-on-one and it is the last thing in this part of the process. We have to pay at his appointment next Thursday! After this step we will be home study ready and our profile will be viewed by birth-moms, and will be able to apply for grants to help us in raising money. The next payment will be due when we get matched with a birth-mom and will be around $3,000+ and then another big chunk when we get the baby. The finances are a huge stress, but I'm working very hard to give it all to God asking him to provide for us. I'm doing as much as I can by selling baked goods and giving massages. However, I haven't got much that way, but again it's all in God's hands. I give it all to him. He can choose to use me or decided to provide for us in other ways. I'm super excited to be at this point. We have done all we can and now it is in the hands of Hannah's Dream, birth-moms, and God. It's like being in the third trimester. It so close to holding the baby, yet it is hard to be patient. We have to be prepared to get a baby at any point. It could be the next day or months down the road! On a positive note, I got connected with another adoptive mom who successfully induced lactation. So excited to have a wonderful resources!!! Please consider helping us in one of the many ways!!

You can give anonymously through this link:

Give simply through the PayPal link to the right on the blog.

You can buy baked goods. I will bake you pretty much anything, even if it's not on the website, but his gives you an idea of what I can do!

You can also book a massage by me! Relaxation and enjoyment Guaranteed!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Making Progress!

Today we had our home study visit! The kids did not hold back, but it still went well! All our paperwork has been done and all our background checks are clear! We still need some of our references back, so if that is you, and you know who you are, please send them in as soon as possible! I also need to do just a little bit more to finish our family profile. Next week I will have my one on one with the social worker, and the following week Paul will have his. At Paul's we have to pay the second half of our home study fee. We have exhausted our adoption budget and need help! We need $500 in 2 weeks! After Paul's visit and the references are all back we will be home study ready!!!! That means we can be presented to birth mothers!! I'm super excited, but trying not to be too anxious. The Lord's timing is perfect! There are several ways you can help!

You can simply donate by clicking the button to the right, or ask and I'd be glad to give you our address!

You can buy baked goods, which I'm always expanding from here:

Or you can schedule a massage here:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pushing Through

Well, we are finishing up doctors visits and have all our papers sent out and are getting some of our background checks back. I can see the end of this tunnel! We had an appointment for our first of 2 home visits this week, but frustratingly I got strep throat and had to reschedule. This was so frustrating because now it has to be pushed back 2 weeks because of doctor appointments and Paul's work. I was really hoping to be home study ready by the end of April, but I'm trying to rest in the fact that I know that God's timing is perfect and I'm not going to miss "my" baby because we didn't do things fast enough. I am also learning to rely on God for financing. Right now we are about $625 short of finishing our home study and we can't apply for grants or loans(hoping not to have to do a loan) until we are home study ready. But all that aside, I am so anxious to meet this very special baby girl that the Lord is going to give us!

You can help! You can donate through paypal via the link to the right or I can give you our address. Also, you can get an amazing massage, or some yummy baked goods. All proceeds go directly to adoption expenses.

I'm also going to start trying my hand at baking gluten free!