Friday, January 31, 2014

Getting Close!

As the time gets closer I get more excited and nervous! The FET will be on February 28th. Just 4 short weeks!!! We have been blessed with my in-laws being brave!! They are coming to visit with us for the week before the FET and staying to watch the kids so Paul can go with me this time! I'm so glad that he will get to experience this with me! We already have our plane tickets and hotel! It's still kind of surreal, but I will be starting the shots again in a week, and that will make it feel real! Here is my schedule:

2/2 - Last BCP
2/3 - Blood Work
2/7 - Delestrogen Shot
2/10 - Delestrogen Shot
2/14 - Blood Work and Delestrogen Shot
2/17 - Delestrogen Shot
2/21 - Blood Work, Sonogram, and Delestrogen Shot
2/23 - Start Progesterone Shots Daily
2/24 - Delgesterone Shot
2/28 - FET and Shots
3/5 - Blood Work
3/10 - Pregnancy Blood Test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray everything goes smooth, my body responds to the drugs right, and that these sweet embryos stick and grow to healthy full term babies!

We still need $3,000 for the FET if you feel led to give it would be a huge blessing! No gift is too small!