Friday, January 28, 2011

Facebook Challenge

The next step in our adoption is A LOT of paper work, background checks, physicals, and a home study. All that will add up to a little over $3,000.00. If each one of my Facebook friends gave just $10 we would have enough to cover this huge step in our adoption. So please consider donating $10 and partnering with us in this very exciting phase in our lives! I know sometimes it's hard to even find $10 spare bucks, so if you can't afford $10, even a couple dollars is very helpful and appreciated. Also, if you would like to give more, we would be more than happy to receive it. This is only the first round of fees due. Thank you for taking the time to read this and considering partnering with us on our journey of giving a precious baby a loving home! All you have to do to donate is click the button to the right of this blog and put in your information, if you would prefer to give cash or check, I would be more than happy to give you our address.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We just found out that we are pre-approved!! It only took 2 days! Amazing!! I am so excited! Feels like I just found out I'm pregnant with out being sick! Now we have an overwhelming amount of paperwork!!!! Also, we have to get background checks for several states, and start a home study. And God has to provide money to do it all too. I feel like an emotional roller coaster. Excited and Overwhelmed!! Prayer, prayer, and more prayer!!

Induced Lactation

This week I've done some research on induced lactation. I was happily surprised when I found out how much information there was. It was very interesting and exciting to learn how possible it is! I will spare the details, but will post a couple links if you are interested about learning more. Nursing my children is something I enjoyed and really miss, so it's exciting to learn that it is very possible that I could nurse our adopted baby. It will also, help in the bonding process let alone be cheaper and easier than formula and bottles. However, I will not go to the extreme of drugs or hormones. I know it may seem that I am jumping ahead, as we are only at the very beginning of the adoption process, but I feel that I can't be over prepared. I know the process can take a year or more, but I also know that it could be only a matter of months, so I want to be ready for whatever God does.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Handed In

Today I dropped off the pre-application and fee. They said we should hear with in 7-10 days if we are pre-approved! So excited! Now praying the funds come in for the next steps!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


We got all the paperwork for the pre-application done today and am going to drop it off at the Hannah's Dream office tomorrow! So excited to get the process started!! We should no with in 30 days if we are approved, but hoping it's sooner than that. I am not the most patient person! Also, I am almost done with our cookie dough website!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last night we went to an information meeting for those interested in adopting through Hannah's Dream. It was a bit difficult, because I couldn't find a sitter, so we had all 4 children with us, and Paul had to leave early, but thankfully they had hot dogs and chips. The kids were a little disappointed when they realized we were leaving and weren't going home with a baby. It was good to go and hear stories and get a little more understanding. We brought home the first packet of paper work to fill out. After we send that in along with $50, we will know with in 30 days if we are pre approved. The next step will be filling out more paperwork, having background checks done, physicals, and doing a home study. So, we have to raise about $2,000 to do that. I am also working on a website to help me sell cookie dough locally, as I can't really ship frozen cookie dough. Also, I wanted to mention that if anyone has questions please feel free to ask or leave a comment.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Getting Started

Super excited for Monday! We will get all the information and start the paper work at an information meeting!! We are going through a wonderful Christian agency called Hannah's Dream. There is a link on the left if you would like to check them out. First step pre-application and first cost of $50. We are hopping to be able to do this whole process with out having to get a loan and go in debt. Hoping through donations and fundraising God will provide it all! Not sure what the total cost will end up being, because each case is different. After we get pre-approved we will have to wait till we have gotten around $1550 to go forward with the next steps. We have a donate button to the left on the blog where you can donate through PayPal or credit card if you feel led to do so, every little bit helps. ALL donations will go strictly to adoption costs and nothing else!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Very Beginning!

Adoption is something that has been on Paul and my hearts for a long time. But, now I feel the time is close, so I am getting information and will be starting fundraising soon. I think one way I'm going to raise money is selling homemade cookie dough. We want to do it while our biological children are still young and will make grafting in other children easier. My heart is excited and scared! There is so much going through my head I can barely sleep at night. I am trying to be very prayerful through all this, however, patients is not my strong suit. When I get something in my craw, I can't stop thinking about it and push to make it happen, but I'm trying very hard not to be pushy, especially with my awesome husband who puts up with me. To keep myself from driving my husband crazy, I'm going to try and blog about my thoughts and feelings, try being a key word. It is going to take a lot of money and time, but I'm very excited to start the journey to adopting some precious children.