Thursday, October 16, 2014

He is Here!!! WARNING graphic part one of our journey of Joshua David's birth.

*There are probably tons of typos and might not make total sense since I haven't slept in almost 48 hrs, but here is a rough draft of his birth.....

Joshua David decided to make an entrance into our arms a little earlier than planned! Wednesday October 15th at around noon I started having a pain in my back on the left side middle. It was a pain I have never felt before and made me kind of nauseous. I kept going about my day for 30 minutes and the pain got worse. I texted my husband and he told me to call my doctor and that he was going to come right home. You see, my husband knows me so well and if I was concerned enough to mention it to him, than something was definitely not right. The pain increased fast and by the time I called the nurse I was hyperventilating. At first she told me to come into the office to be assessed, then a few minutes later after talking to the doctor called back and said to go straight to labor and delivery. Thankfully we have wonderful friends were willing to stop what they are doing and come help quickly. My friend go to me before my husband was able to, so I jumped in her car and another friend stayed at the house with Izzy. Paul got the kids out of school and dropped them off at the house and headed to the hospital to meet us there. When I got there I was still in a good deal of pain and not breathing well. They had me slow my breathing and pee and put monitors on me to watch baby and contractions. Shortly after the pain actually subsided. They were thinking a kidney stone or something alone those lines, which was what my initial thought was too since the pain was specifically located. They continued to monitor me and took some labs and checked my cervix. At that point I was only at 1cm which was no big deal. They said they were going to monitor me a bit longer and see what happens. After being checked the contractions picked up big time. I went to the restroom and laid back down and a few minutes later felt a trickle. I thought that it might be just the gel from being checked because it was a small amount, then a few minutes later felt a big gush. They check and it was blood! At that point I got nervous, but baby still looks fantastic so they checked me and I was at a 3. They kept watching me and I kept having blood leak. They checked me again about an hour or so later was still 3. Since my bleeding wasn't slowing down and I wasn't in active labor, they decided it would be best to get him out via c-section. At that point I had all sorts of feelings! knowing I was going to get to see my son, but not sure is state, and getting a c-section for the first time, all scary! They explained everything to us and wheeled me away. I got into the OR and they gave me a spinal, then Paul was able to join me and got me all set up. Once they started and I didn't feel any pain I relaxed and actually got gitty! This was cool! I was awake and yet knew I was cut wide open! I was so intrigued and told Paul to take pictures and told the doctors to talk loud enough so I could hear. All the docs and nurses were women and I think they really got a hoot out of my energy. When it came time to pull him out they lowered the drape for me to see and Paul recorded it and is linked below :) He came out crying and they said he was looking great! I got to see him for a minute and then Paul went up with him to the NICU while I went to recovery. My time is quite limited so I will post more tomorrow if I can to fill you in more on how we are doing.

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