Thursday, July 24, 2014

22.5 Weeks Update

Last week I had a doctor appointment with an ultrasound to see his sweet face and finish getting all the info they needed that he stopped them from seeing last time due to having his hands by his face the whole time. Also, to check if my placenta moved. It was low, but not a previa. Joshua David looks great! He cooperated well, and everything looks great. My placenta has not moved yet, so I get another sonogram next month! Love getting to see him so much!

 Here is a pic of how much my belly has grown! Almost 24 weeks!

 Several people have asked if I have a registry started and I just started one the other day at Target! Just click this LINK and type in my name Rebekah Hoover!

Also, we still need about 3k to cover the actual embryo transfer! We had to put it on credit to be able to make this life happen! We wouldn't do it any different, but sure would appreciate any support! Adopting in any form is not cheap, but so worth it! Life is precious and the Lord has called us to love with orphans! There are two easy links on the side of the blog where you can give! Thank for all your support and prayers!

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