Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Busy Doc Appt!

Yesterday I had an ob appointment that included the oh so fun glucose test, sonogram to check my placenta, dTap shot, and regular ob check up! I'm just glad I could do it all in one appt! I took Emma Grace along with me this time to see the baby. She enjoyed it, but sadly I didn't get the sonographer I wanted so no fun 3D pictures :( My placenta did move up so that is great, but also means no more ultrasounds for me unless something pops up that they need to check. 

He is also already head down, which I figured! The other day I noticed that my belly looked like it dropped already and then Paul even said something about it later that day! I also have had two scares of preterm labor. Thankfully I was able to get the contractions to calm down both times with prayer, water, bathes, and such. This boy needs to cook for at least 10 more weeks! Please pray that he does! My ob isn't too concerned since I've had 4 others with no preterm births, but because he is not "my" genetic material things could go different. So now I'm on a 2 week schedule to see the doctor!

 The oh so fun glucose test! The drink it's self doesn't taste too bad, but I sure do get dizzy! I was very thankful I brought a spoonful of peanut butter to eat after they drew my blood! It definitely helped!

 I also got my admission packet for the hospital! Getting Real!!

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